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Hey, Ben here!

Thanks for checking out the demo site for Chosen Gamer.

Chosen Gamer is a minimalist theme made for video game blogs and news sites. It comes with a simple feature-set and responsive design, so it looks great on all devices.

Premium design

The typography in Chosen Gamer was carefully considered and gives this theme a premium feel. The post templates in particular showcase the bold and beautiful Montserrat which is contrasted nicely by the italicized PT Serif font for the subtitle.

Gaming sites always have tons of high-resolution screenshots and gorgeous promo graphics, so images take a major role in the layout of the site. Adding Featured Images is easy and video embeds are effortless and responsive, so the experience is consistent on desktop and mobile devices.


As a child theme of the Chosen theme, Chosen Gamer comes powered with a handful of essential features. These features include:

  • 50+ social media icons
  • Custom logo
  • Header search bar
  • Show/hide controls for various site elements
  • Custom excerpt lengths
  • Full post vs excerpts on the blog
  • Customizable “read more” button text
  • Display first post extra-wide or regular size

I hope you enjoy browsing the demo and give it a shot on your site. It’s free to install and use forever, so try it out!

-Ben Sibley